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A Fresh Voice for Simcoe-Grey

Lorne Kenney, Contestant for the Liberal Nomination in Simcoe-Grey

The best and most important way to indicate your support is to register with the Liberal Party of Canada.  It is free to join!



Lorne Kenney A Fresh Voice For Simcoe GreyAt this point we are anxiously awaiting the calling of the NOMINATION MEETING.  This is in the hands of the Liberal Party of Canada to schedule and, when it is announced, all Registered Liberals will be notified.  There is every indication the nomination will be contested and it is really important that all Registered Liberals attend and vote for the person they wish to see represent the Party in the election.  Between now and then, I shall be working hard to earn your vote and prove to you that I am the right person to take on the challenge of winning Simcoe-Grey.  

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